COMMUNITY – The Spirit of Giving Back!! 

The smallest thing can have the biggest impact. As individuals, we don’t often think that we can impact our community, right?! Do you ever ask yourself, “What do I have to offer in a way to help others?” As an individual, you can have a huge influence on your community and everyone who came to The Salon Professional Academy during the month of February left a dramatic impact!

With February being “National Canned Food Month,” Melinda Meler, Director of The Academy, consulted with her marketing team and launched a campaign to give back to the residents of Whitehouse, Texas. In the spirit of giving back, the campaign would bring in much needed canned good items to the local food pantry, Philadelphia Blessings.

“We all are reminded to donate during the holidays, but spring is when donations are scarce and needed the most,” said Meler.

When “Love Your Neighbor, Love Yourself” was in full action, the academy had no idea what affect it would have on the area. The campaign spread through social media catching the attention of many. People were calling to schedule appointments and bringing two canned good items in exchange for a $7 haircut or a spa pedicure. We want to extend a giant shout-out to Brookshire’s in Whitehouse who, due to your overwhelming support, graciously donated a grocery cart to house the items. In fact, we received so many donations that they even gave us a second cart! Your generosity for the community will provide food to families in the Whitehouse area who struggle to make ends meet. Please don’t ever think your small gift or change doesn’t matter. It is a ripple effect. If you would like to make a donation to Philadelphia Blessings, please call (903) 312-7377 and ask for Ms. Bolivia.



Winter is the time to LOVE your hair the most. We often link summer’s dry heat with hair damage, but winter can take a huge toll on our beautiful strands too. Chilly days outside and central heating indoors can dry your hair out until it loses shine, volume and feels limp and brittle. And, taking care of our hair in the winter is uncharted territory especially for us Texas folks!! 

If you have been dealing with any of these plus the frizzes, you are not alone. Redken says, “As the temperature drops, a new crop of hair issues starts to arise. Our roots begin to frizz and our ends rapidly dry out.” So, what is the answer to this you ask? Keep reading for 5 things Redken suggests for restoring moisture to your precious locks. 

  1.  Lock in Moisture 

It’s no secret that winter weather can be super drying on our strands. Be proactive this winter season by using products that will help to hydrate your strands and protect your hair from damage or breakage. By reaching for products that help to lock in moisture, you can better protect your ends and save yourself from heading to the salon.  

Redken’s All Soft Mega Hydramelt Leave-In Treatment is an amazing option for keeping hair nourished and moisturized in the wintertime. The innovative formula is lightweight and can be used on all hair types to hydrate while increasing softness and shine. 

  1.  Fight Flakes 

As the temperature starts to plummet, so does the condition of our scalp. Between the chilly outdoor temperatures and the warm indoor heat, our scalps can become very dry and flaky. To help ward off the flakes and to keep your favorite black sweater looking spotless, switch to a shampoo that contains salicylic acid. This powerful ingredient works wonders at exfoliating the scalp, removing dead skin cells and breaking down any built-up product on the scalp. Use this exfoliating shampoo as needed to keep your hair free from flakes. 

  1. Add Shine 

In the winter, your hair color can start to look dull or faded due to the dryness in the strands. Replenish your hair’s natural sheen by using a shine spray throughout your ends. Adding shine back to your strands can help to revitalize your hair color and make your strands look more vibrant. 

  1.  Use A Heat Protectant 

Get a heat protectant with dual benefits—protect your hair from heat damage as well as smooth your ends. It’s a one-two punch for keeping your hair looking fabulous when styling your hair this winter.  

  1.  Pump Up the Volume 

Besides frizz, flattened roots are another annoying hair issue that comes with winter hat hair. In order to keep your roots looking full and voluminous, reach for a dry shampoo to help boost your strands. Simply spray throughout your roots and comb through with a metal brush to help liven up your hair. 

With a little extra effort, you can keep your hair hydrated and looking great this winter. But if you want quick results or have any questions about Redken products, we suggest you call, (903) 871-7575, and talk with a TSPA expert. 


All services are performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.