THE NEXT LEVEL OF SALON PROFESSIONAL™ At The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA) we believe that pursuing an education in the professional beauty industry is the first step to discovering a career filled with creativity and endless opportunity.  Our goal is to maximize your artistic potential through a program that teaches not only the latest techniques, but also proven business and marketing strategies.  TSPA’s quality education can significantly improve your earning potential and prepare you for a long-term future in the industry.

  • Our curriculum and training has been co-developed and continually updated with help from REDKEN 5th Avenue NYC. This ongoing collaboration translates to education that is some of the most relevant, trending and compelling in the industry.
  • Our approach to personal, hands-on training includes smaller class-sizes that enable more interaction and one-on-one time with educators.
  • We continually train and support the educators who instruct you in the skills you’ll need for a successful and rewarding career.
  • Our beautiful, innovative Academy locations provide a positive, real-world learning environment.
  • In addition to technical skills, TSPA develops your ability to grow clientele and bookings, increase retail sales, and build lasting guest relationships – abilities that put you in high demand with top salons.
  • We make the privately-held salons and spas, where incomes are highest, a target for placement.  Area salon and spa owners serve on our advisory boards and recruit from our school.  Additionally, we have relationships for placement with more than 6,000 Redken Club 5th Avenue salons across all 50 states.
  • Melinda & Jeff Meler - Owner/Operations

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    Angela S. - Admissions

    Angela Spillman was born and raised in Tyler, Texas. Despite her interest in cosmetology she decided to go the college route. She received her Associate’s in Art from Tyler Junior College and went on to study at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, majoring in Social Work and minoring in Business and Women’s Studies.
    After college Angela began to search for her place in the professional world. From working with children and adolescents at a mental health facility to opening a local art gallery and antiques store, however, she never felt truly satisfied. “I love meeting and engaging with people from all walks of life and wanted a career that allowed me to not only connect with but to also help people, while also permitting me to express my creativity.”
    She began searching for the career path that would combine her passion for helping others with her creativeness. She had just begun the process of obtaining her teaching certification when her interest in the beauty industry reignited, and this time she did not ignore it. She began working as a makeup artist and in her fifth year of working for Elizabeth Arden she was introduced to Jeff and Melinda Meler and HeadMasters salon. Angela went on to work in the Meler’s salon for four years as Melinda’s right-hand woman, so it came as no surprise when they ask her to become a part of their team as an Admissions Representative at The Salon Professional Academy.

    “It is so rewarding to find a career that allows me to provide others with the stepping stones needed to achieve their goals. I love it when you can clearly see things in life coming together. It is as if all roads had been leading me here to these people and this position and it is everything I never knew I wanted.”

    Tim T. - Instructor

    Throughout his years in the beauty industry, Tim has always had a hunger for knowledge and enhancement in his craft. In efforts to feed this desire Tim has sought out education from various teachings across the industry. His training includes schooling in pivot point, working for a Redken platform artist, and joining the Toni & Guy team where he worked as one of their top stylists for 17 years.
    Like most good pupils Tim’s desire to learn demanded more education than one specific facet could provide so he continued his search for knowledge independently, purchasing technique videos, taking online classes, as well as attending advanced method classes and hair shows. Tim noticed early on in his career that he learned more from high energy teachers who would engage with their students, move around and had fun verses instructors who took the more traditional approach.
    In his 24+ year career Tim has been a top ten producer in services and in retail, an independent contractor, a salon manager, and a salon owner. His combination of experience and passion for learning made his decision to become an educator the obvious next professional venture. Tim considers himself skilled at coaching others to achieve their professional, personal and financial goals. Tim has spent time learning from world class hairdressers and working for globally recognized education companies and believes that it is now his time to pass it on.
    The Salon Professional Academy employs the quantum teaching method of which one of the tenets is, “If you are laughing, you are learning.” “My classes are rigorous but engaging, challenging but fun. I am excited to teach and can’t wait to meet you. You will laugh a lot but learn even more. Let’s take this journey together.”

    Janeanne S. - Director of Education

    I’m Janeanne, I’ve been in the industry for thirty years. I’ve experienced a lot of different jobs in this field. They have all had their own challenges and rewards but being an instructor is by far the most rewarding. My goal is to give the students the tools they need to be successful in this industry so they can have a rewarding and fun career.

    Mary N. - Instructor

    Mary Neal was born and raised in East Texas. She embraced her passion for the beauty industry in February of 2014 and enrolled in cosmetology school. In October of that year she graduated and by January 2015 her zeal for erudition had her enrolling in the cosmetology instructor program. She graduated from Star College of Cosmetology as a licensed Cosmetology Instructor and spent the next two years training and developing students. During her time as an instructor she helped to lay the foundation for students, teaching the fundamentals of the wide variety of skills used by todays cosmetologists. During her time teaching at Star, Ms. Neal strived to provide her students with the first-rate level of education in every aspect of the beauty industry, from hairstyling, to makeup artistry and nail techniques. Her inimitable spirit and vehemence shines through and touches the souls of her students.
    Along with teaching Mary has three years of behind the chair experience as a hairstylist and is certified in eyelash extensions. She specializes in creating custom wigs and sew-in extensions for clients.
    In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and is a mother to an adult son who after receiving his bachelor’s started as a Train Conductor and is training to become an Engineer. She loves music and serves as a Minister of Music at a local church in Tyler.
    Mary’s passion for education and giving spirit makes her the perfect addition to The Salon Professional Academy Whitehouse. “I enjoy volunteering my time to the community and mentoring others by being a supportive and engaged citizen.”

    Faith Phipps - Instructor

    Faith Phipps has been an esthetics instructor for 13 years. She has been teaching students here at TSPA since April 2019 and has been able to successfully have all of her graduated students from our school become licensed estheticians as well as one of them winning a full scholarship to become certified in Oncology Esthetics. Her passion is teaching her students real world experiences in order to ensure they will have a solid, successful career and achieve their dreams within the skincare industry.

    Margie Bolton

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  • Over a decade ago, The Salon Professional Academy joined forces with Redken 5th Avenue NYC to develop a salon and cosmetology franchise that has changed the industry.  Redken and TSPA collaborated to redesign what a “beauty school” was from the ground up – revisiting everything from the way things were taught to how the student salon area looked and functioned.  The result was a ultra-modern training facility providing students with skills beyond what they do behind the chair; skills that prepare them for a professional, successful career.

    Recognized By Redken For Excellence In Education.

    With a commitment to industry-leading education, business skills that prepare students for more than passing state boards, and a desire to see our students surpass all expectations for this profession, Redken has provided The Salon Professional Academy franchise locations the exclusive designation of “Recognized by Redken for Excellence in Education.”

    • “To have a passion in life is one of the strongest emotions we can have, to experience it every day is a gift, and to earn our living doing it is the blessing only few of us discover… hairdressing for me is all of the above. If being a salon professional is your dream then realize it in the capable hands of the Educators at The Salon Professional Academy, recognized by Redken 5th Avenue NYC. It’s the place to be to learn what you need to enable you to live better and earn better. You will leave school with intense enthusiasm, continued support and a stronger passion for one of the best professions that can take you to where you want to be.”

      Kris SorbieRedken Education Artistic Director and President Kris Sorbie LLC, NYC
    • “Being that the TSPA academy is a Redken recognized academy, I believe that the principles that make Redken a huge success in education are easy to recognize when you’re experiencing the academy. I'm excited to see what we will witness in our profession in the near future because I know that the principles I've learned have changed my career and life. Now, seeing our youth start with these skills is very exciting to see unfold. The quality that a TSPA academy creates is a salon professional that is more technically skilled and is more career-focused, over all a better professional ready out of school.”

      Hugo UriasRedken Artist, FUEL Facilitator, Hairdresser for 20 years
    • “I have been working with the educators at TSPA for many years. The difference is in the educators. They say… ‘the bigger the party, the more people show up.’ TSPA schools attract passionate, committed professionals who love teaching others what they've learned. You can feel their commitment in everything they do and that translates to the TSPA graduate in more confidence, better skill retention, and at the end of the day - more earning power.”

      Scot ShermanFormer Redken Artist, Salon Owner
    • “The combination of strong technical skills and unique business building essentials make TSPA one of the top education facilities in the country. Students are provided the opportunity to gain skill excellence from amazing instructors as well as internationally recognized guest artists from across the country. When students graduate from TSPA they are fueled with a skill set to build a solid foundation behind the chair.”

      Ryan MorganRedken Artist, Redken Exchange Facilitator
    • “Exclusive training and unforgettable moments are in store for the student that attends The Salon Professional Academy. [They] offer top-notch education that will create healthy habits early on in your career behind the chair, as well as, more money in your wallet for the rest of your life. The point of difference with TSPA is this: While you are building your technical skill, you aren’t just learning to pass the State Board exams, you are learning how to build, run and grow a business.”

      Jayson MorganRedken Certified Designer & Colorist, Salon Owner
    • “Beauty schools are a great way for students to learn practical cosmetology skills while simultaneously preparing themselves for a rewarding career path and there is only one that I recommend and that is The Salon Professional Academy. In today’s world of cosmetology schools there is no better school that trains a student for the salon community then TSPA. TSPA schools teach technical skills, as well as solid business skills to support any salon, as the school atmosphere is professional and conducive to the achievement of excellence by student and faculty alike based on learner-focused education. The educators at TSPA find the knowledge and guidance to prepare a cosmetology student for a long successful future in the cosmetology field. The staff and management of TSPA schools instill the student with confidence to succeed in the professional salon industry.”

      Sam VillaRedken Education Artistic Director, Platform Artist
    • “I am thoroughly impressed by the well-rounded skills of the students that The Salon Professional Academy provides our industry. And as an owner, it is refreshing to hire students that are so well prepared.”

      Phil LeeRedken Educator, Salon Owner
    • “TSPA is undoubtedly the finest and most thorough academy for coaching and grooming the hairdressers of tomorrow! By not only learning your new hair skills from the industry's best, most experienced instructors, but also how to combine them with essential business strategies, you will be fully prepared for success!”

      Kenny BerkRedken Artist, 35 years industry experience
    • “I believe the Salon Professional Academies are some of the finest schools available in our industry. They have an excellent education philosophy and [their] curriculum stands out; providing their students with a complete cosmetology experience and prepares them for a great career in this industry.”

      Patrick ParentyPresident L’Oréal Professional Products Division, USA
    • The decision on choosing the correct academy to fast track your hairdressing career can be ominous. I think that means hard! LOL. Seriously, as the Artistic Director for Redken, President of Fuel Education and hairdresser for 47 years, I’ve traveled the world, taught and performed in 27 different countries. There is one common thing in the hairdressing industry… your “Learning to Earning” ratio. Simply put, the more you learn and the higher the quality of your learning – the more you earn.
      TSPA is affiliated with education-centric companies like Redken and Fuel Education Systems that train and help to produce the finest TSPA educators with the highest standards of education in the industry – bar none. How does that affect you? The best educators produce the best students. Salon owners want graduates who are salon-area ready with minimal post-academy training.

      TSPA understands your need to be grounded in the Principles of Design, Finish and Color upon entering your first salon. They help ground you in those principles and ready you for that position behind the chair; and TSPA has one of the highest rates of job placement …and after all that is the point, isn’t it

      Chris BaranEducation Artistic Director - Redken
    • As an educator for Redken (and as a working hairdresser), I have trained and worked with thousands of hairdressers in salons and schools all over the nation. No matter where I am, I can always tell a "TSPA" graduate because they are consistently one step ahead of their peers - in skills, professionalism, and customer service.

      Jesse LinaresRedken Artist, Artistic Director - The Studio by Studio Gaven